What am I tipping/donating for?

1. Tools
Software extensions, graphic elements, premium mockups, fonts etc. All the stuff we can use to make even better resources.
2. Contributors
Some of the amount received goes as a thank you to contributors of promotedgb.com. This is symbolic compared to what design work goes for on the freelance market.
3. Domain & Hosting
This website is hosted on a VPS that charges based on traffic. We cover this from our own pockets (for now).

Donation/Tips address (DGB only)

Any number is good :)

Don't like donating?
That's okay. There are other ways you can help.

For translating content and design contributions, drop us a line at info@promotedgb.com

Support our hosting directly by running your own server through Vultr (affiliate link) or buy some DigiByte directly for fiat (Litebit.eu - affiliate link).